Test A and Test B results are now available at www.wcgsptfa.com/results


In 2017 the PTFA will again be running a series of ‘Familiarisation Tests’ or ‘mock exams’ to give both boys and girls currently in Year 5 an opportunity to experience what it is like to sit an 11+ Entrance Examination. The tests are designed to provide a learning experience for your child, helping to prepare them for what they will encounter when sitting real entrance exams.


Students in Year 5 who are eligible for Pupil Premium Funding or Free School Meals may apply to sit one Test A Button1 for free.  Parents may apply for one of these PTFA funded places in the following way:

  • For students whose school receives Pupil Premium Funding you will need a letter from your child’s school to prove they receive pupil premium for them.  Please then email this letter to us at: tests@wcgsptfa.com and we will be in touch with the next step.
  • For students currently eligible for Free School Meals please visit: https://pps.lgfl.org.uk/, enter your details and either take a photograph or screenshot of the page that shows your entitlement to Free School Meals. Please then email this to us at: tests@wcgsptfa.com and we will be in touch with the next step.

Please note that all Test A places have now been taken up so no additional PTFA  funded places are available for this year’s tests.


We will be offering two different Tests.  Test A Button1 will consist of one Maths paper and one English paper. Test B Button2 will consist of a different Maths and English paper.

Both Test A Button1 and Test B Button2 are multiple choice and have been set at the same standard.  The papers have been written by experienced educationalists and are based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

The English and Maths papers will each last 40 minutes with a short break between them.

There will be morning and afternoon test sessions on the following dates in 2017:

You may book either Test for your child or you may wish to consider booking both Tests.

Please note:

  • Please do NOT contact Wallington County Grammar School about these tests.  If you have any queries please email: tests@wcgsptfa.com
  • Wallington County Grammar School will be used only as a venue for the tests.  The staff of the School are not involved in the writing or marking of papers and are not used for invigilation purposes.
  • Test A results listed by candidate number will be available on this website after the completion of all Test A sessions; similarly Test B results will be published shortly after all Test B sessions have finished.

Further information can be found on our FAQs page.


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